Whale Watching Tour from Vancouver

Whale Watching Tour from Vancouver
The Vancouver waters on your whale watching cruise are renowned for attracting whales, offering an up to 90% success rate with sightings. Enjoy spectacular scenery set amidst the Gulf and San Juan Islands. Your whale watching trip from Vancouver includes round-trip transport from your hotel, plus bottled water and snacks.
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Vancouver Whale Watching Safari

Vancouver Whale Watching Safari
Watch for orca, gray and humpback whales on a full-day wildlife safari from Vancouver on a comfortable, covered boat. Learn about the whales’ lives, behavior and migration patterns from a trained naturalist, and try to spot the dolphins, seals, sea lions and bald eagles that thrive along the Pacific Coast. Whales are sighted on 85% of trips.
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Vancouver Half Day Whale Watching Adventure

Vancouver Half Day Whale Watching Adventure
This whale watching adventure from downtown Vancouver gives you a great chance to see whales and other marine life. Hop aboard the 'Salish Sea Dream' our 80-foot flagship catamaran, and keep your eyes peeled from one of several viewing areas. Learn about Vancouver's local history and geology from the knowledgeable boat crew, and soak up views of the Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands, and Howe Sound.
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Do You Get Wet Whale Watching?

Vancouver Whale Tours with up to a 90% Whale Sighting Success.

Vancouver Whale Watching Safari
Vancouver Whale Watching Safari

Do You Get Wet Whale Watching?

The level of wetness you experience during a whale watching tour can vary depending on several factors, including the type of vessel used, weather conditions, and the behavior of the whales.

Here are some factors to consider while Whale Watching:

Type of Whale Watching Vessel

The type of boat used for whale watching plays a significant role in how wet you might get. Larger tour boats and catamarans typically have more enclosed and sheltered areas, reducing the chance of getting wet from ocean spray. On the other hand, smaller vessels like zodiacs (inflatable boats) are closer to the water's surface, and passengers are more likely to experience splashes and spray, especially when the boat is moving quickly.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can affect how wet you get during a whale watching tour. If the sea is calm and the weather is dry, there is less chance of getting wet. However, if the sea is choppy or there is rain, you may experience more ocean spray and splashes.

Proximity to Whales

The distance between the boat and the whales can also influence how wet you get. Some whales may surface close to the boat, resulting in splashes and spray reaching the passengers. Experienced captains and tour guides aim to maintain a safe distance from the whales while still providing an enjoyable and educational experience.

Protective Gear

Some whale watching operators may provide waterproof gear like ponchos or jackets to help keep passengers dry during the tour. It's a good idea to inquire about the availability of such gear when booking your whale watching excursion.

Personal Placement

Passengers can often choose where to sit or stand on the boat during the tour. If you prefer to stay dry, consider sitting in a sheltered area, away from the front of the boat or areas where ocean spray is more likely.

Whale watching can be an exhilarating and adventurous experience, and getting a little wet from ocean spray can add to the excitement. If you are concerned about getting wet, or if you have any specific preferences or requirements, it's a good idea to discuss them with the Whale Watching tour operator before the trip.

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