Whale Watching Tour from Vancouver

Whale Watching Tour from Vancouver
The Vancouver waters on your whale watching cruise are renowned for attracting whales, offering an up to 90% success rate with sightings. Enjoy spectacular scenery set amidst the Gulf and San Juan Islands. Your whale watching trip from Vancouver includes round-trip transport from your hotel, plus bottled water and snacks.
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Vancouver Whale Watching Safari

Vancouver Whale Watching Safari
Watch for orca, gray and humpback whales on a full-day wildlife safari from Vancouver on a comfortable, covered boat. Learn about the whales’ lives, behavior and migration patterns from a trained naturalist, and try to spot the dolphins, seals, sea lions and bald eagles that thrive along the Pacific Coast. Whales are sighted on 85% of trips.
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Vancouver Half Day Whale Watching Adventure

Vancouver Half Day Whale Watching Adventure
This whale watching adventure from downtown Vancouver gives you a great chance to see whales and other marine life. Hop aboard the 'Salish Sea Dream' our 80-foot flagship catamaran, and keep your eyes peeled from one of several viewing areas. Learn about Vancouver's local history and geology from the knowledgeable boat crew, and soak up views of the Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands, and Howe Sound.
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Vancouver Small Zodiac Whale Watching

Vancouver Whale Tours with up to a 90% Whale Sighting Success.

Vancouver Whale Watching Safari
Vancouver Whale Watching Safari

Vancouver Small Zodiac Whale Watching

Whale watching by small zodiacs is a thrilling and intimate way to experience these majestic marine creatures up close. Unlike larger boats, zodiacs are small, inflatable vessels that offer several advantages for whale watching tours:

Close Encounters

Zodiacs are smaller and more agile, allowing them to get much closer to the whales compared to larger boats. This proximity provides participants with a more immersive and personal experience with the animals.

Small Zodiac Whale Watching Unobstructed Views

The open design of zodiacs ensures that everyone on board has an unobstructed view of the surrounding waters, making it easier to spot and photograph whales and other marine wildlife.

Small Zodiac Speed and Maneuverability for Whale Watching

Zodiacs are fast and maneuverable, allowing them to respond quickly to whale sightings and changes in the animals' behavior. This flexibility increases the chances of encountering multiple whale species during a single tour.

Low Environmental Impact

Zodiacs have a smaller ecological footprint compared to larger vessels, as they use less fuel and produce fewer emissions. This aligns with responsible whale watching practices, promoting the conservation and protection of marine ecosystems.

Intimate Whale Watching Experience

With smaller group sizes on zodiac tours, participants can enjoy a more personalized and interactive experience with the onboard naturalist guide. The guide can share valuable insights into the whales' behavior, biology, and conservation efforts.

Access to Shallow Waters

Zodiacs can navigate shallow or narrow areas that larger boats cannot reach, expanding the range of potential whale-watching locations.

Whale Watching Adventure and Excitement

Riding in a zodiac adds an element of adventure and excitement to the whale watching experience. The feeling of being close to the water and the occasional splashes from nearby whales can make the trip even more memorable.

Zodiac tours may not be suitable for everyone, as the ride can be bumpy and might not be as comfortable as larger boats, especially in choppy sea conditions. If you're prone to motion sickness or have any physical limitations, you should consider these factors before choosing a zodiac whale watching tour.

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